A Review of Boston University’s Online Degree Programs

With so many online colleges vying for students’ attention, it helps to take a closer look at a few top-ranking online colleges. Although there are literally hundreds of colleges and universities offering online programs, Boston University is a cut-above… here are a few reasons why:Boston University at a glance
Established in 1830

National ranking: 57 (U.S. News College Rankings)

Most courses last only 7 weeks

4th largest independent university in the U.S.

Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
What sets Boston University apart?At Boston University online, you will acquire the same quality education students receive on campus… from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking to finish your Bachelor degree or simply want to take a few continuing education courses, Boston University offers online courses specifically tailored for online delivery. Instead of simply reading the textbook, student activities are filled with simulations and animations, creating an engaging atmosphere for learning.One particular aspect of Boston University’s program that stands out is its commitment to community. At BU online, students are placed into small groups led by a facilitator who answers questions about class materials, coordinates discussions, helps with assignments, and offers support services. Students also have their own “virtual space” in each course where they can converse, share opinions, post ideas, and interact with people from around the world.Boston University Online ProgramsCertificate programs:
Paralegal Certificate

Certificate of Project Management

Principles of Project Management

Foundations of Project Management

Comprehensive Project Management

Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies

Master of Criminal Justice

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems – Database Management

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems – Security

Master of Music Education

Master of Science in Management (several concentrations available)

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Doctor of Musical Arts

Student servicesBoston University’s website indicates that students have their own personal admission’s advisor, program manager, and small group instructor. In addition, students have 24×7 technical support at their disposal 365 days a year.For more information: Boston University Online Degrees

4 Tips to Success in Your Online Degree Program

Earning a degree through an online degree program has become a trend for many students. Online education provides you with flexible and convenient leaning environment where you can attend classes from your computer at home wearing your pajamas. The online degree program can provides the same learning quality and degrees that are mostly acceptable in the job market.The bad news is there are many online students fail to complete their online degree program. Online degrees are not for every student, unless you can adapt to the online environment and create regular study habits, you may be dropped off half way through your online study and waste your time and money. If online education is your option, here are the 4 tips for you to success in your online degree program.Tip #1: Degree Program That In Line With Your Career GoalMost of students choose to earn a degree are for their career planning to a brighter future. Hence, you need to choose an online degree program that can help in your career path. For example, if you want to become a marketing manager, you should choose online marketing degree or online business degree with marketing as specialization instead of online music degree. There are many online degree programs with the same degree title but there are difference courses offered in the program from one school to another. Hence, you should request the program details from the online schools and carefully review their courses to ensure the courses are in line with the requirement to achieve your career goal.Tip #2: Choose a Properly Accredited Online Degree ProgramThe online degree program offered by your selected online school should be property accredited by an accreditation agency that is recognized by US Department of Education. Always double to check the accreditation mentioned by the school with CHEA.org to ensure that the online degree program of your choice is accredited by a recognized accreditation agency.Tip #3: Make sure Your Love Online StudyIf you plan to take you degree online, you must be good in learning in text format because most of learning materials are in text format. You should also like to search for information from internet, attend online chat sessions, able communicate through discussion forums and love to stay online; these are the key factors of a success online student. People who like to learn by listen to lecture in a class room should follow traditional way of education.Tip #4: You Must Be Able To Self MotivatedAlthough you still have peers in an online class, physically you are alone accessing online material from home or any locations away from your other online peers. Hence, you must be able to motivate yourself to move along your online study progress. An online degree program gives you the flexibility of plan your own schedule for self pace study; the flexibility may cause you to stay out of focus if you do not have self-motivated and discipline to fix and fit your study into your schedule.SummaryEarning a degree online is a good option because it gives you the flexibility and convenient learning environment. If you choose this online education option, you must adapt to the online environment and create regular study habits to ensure you will success in your online degree program.

Things to Know About a College and University Search

Choosing a college or university is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your choice will impact the quality of the education you receive and the types of jobs you can get upon graduation. Before you dive headlong into the process, here are three things you need to know about a college and university search:You Don’t Have to Go It AloneResearching colleges and universities is an arduous process, but the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. There are numerous resources available online that can help. To start, you can visit the school’s website or websites that offer detailed school profiles and campus tours. You may also try checking various websites for school ranking information, and if you are still in high school, you can ask your guidance counselor for a list of recommended resources.Price Isn’t EverythingWhile the cost of a college or university’s tuition should factor into your decision, you shouldn’t consider price alone. Just because a school has high tuition costs, it doesn’t mean that the education offered is any better than a school with lower tuition costs. Always make an effort to compare everything from classes and professors to campus facilities and placement rates.Opinions VaryIf you ask ten different people about the college or university that you have in mind, you are likely to receive ten very different responses. The reason is because everyone is going to have a different opinion on which school you should attend. And while it is a good idea to listen to what other people have to say, in the end, you are the one who will have to live with your decision. Keep this in mind when searching for the college or university that’s right for you.