Use of Mascots in Colleges and Universities Helps to Bolster Spirits

Mascots on College and University CampusesDating back to the 1800′s the use of mascots in colleges and universities has helped to foster pride and raise the spirit of fans. At the earliest incarnation, mascots used on college and university campuses for sports were largely live animals. This has become a tradition and some campuses still practice this even today. Mascots for hundreds perhaps thousands of years have been viewed as symbols of luck. This is why some college and universities will still bring out a live animal onto the field as a mascot to get the crowd involved. Animals such as: lions, tigers, buffaloes, and bulldogs have been used as live mascots to name a few. The Colorado Buffaloes will often bring a buffalo out onto their home field during half-time. Boosters at most campuses supply the necessary funds for the feeding and upkeep of live mascots.Use of Live Mascots a Controversy for Colleges and UniversitiesHowever, the use of live animals as mascots on college and university campuses has been fraught with controversy. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has had much to say about the use of animals as mascots over the years. Many people in the group feel that it is unethical and perhaps unhealthy to keep animals in captivity for the sole purpose of being a mascot. Their concern arises amid some animal mascots dying such as a tiger from renal failure. PETA argues that the cages that the animals are kept in are barely large enough to allow for free movement. Also, sometimes temperatures can be extreme and having thousands of fans in one place near the animal can cause it distress. Rival schools will at times steal the mascot of other schools. This is an ongoing controversy that hasn’t come to a clean end. Some colleges and universities view using live animal mascots as a long standing tradition that is harmless. Animal rights activists feel it is inhumane and unethical and needs to end.Many Mascots Resemble Those in Professional SportsSeveral colleges and universities don’t use live mascots. Their mascots are very much like the ones seen at professional football, soccer, and basketball games. Someone wears a suit and becomes the personality for the team. A lot of intense training can go into becoming a mascot for a college or university. The person has to have a high level of energy, be enthusiastic and engaging, be able to give the mascot “personality,” and adopt gestures befitting a mascot. Many will learn dances, mime, perform skits, waves flags with the crowds, or hold up signs to get the crowd involved. It is quite the acting job and demands that the person performing as the mascot maintain consistent, upbeat, and positive behavior. It’s not only important for the mascot to interact with other college students. A mascot needs to be accessible to all college and university fans such as alumni, community, faculty, and children of fans.College and University Mascots aren’t Always StereotypicalThe use of mascots in colleges and universities do not always fall along stereotypical lines. Mascots are often patterned for characteristics of the school or the students attending the schools. The boll weevil has been used in college sports as the mascot for The University of Arkansas at Monticello. Some would argue that it doesn’t look like a formidable foe. Yet, it is one of the biggest detriments to cotton crops in the U.S.The Fighting Okra is the mascot representing Delta State. Fans of the school’s team were opposed to using the vegetable because they didn’t feel it portrayed the right image. Some argued that it was mean, green, and indigenous to the Southern region of America. Given this reasoning the mascot name has stuck.The University of Hawaii-Hilo has taken a different approach with their mascot. They have emulated the Vulcans of Star Trek fan and made them their mascot. Their reasoning is due to the large amount of volcanic activity through the islands, the name fits perfectly.

Tips For Pursuing an Online Associate Degree

While each student has his or her own reasons for pursuing an online associate degree, several benefits for the student stand out. Understanding the full reasons for pursuing an online associate degree help you determine if educational success is within your reach.A web-based associate degree can be obtained quickly, even more quickly than a traditional degree. This is ideal for students who need to increase earning potential rapidly. An online college allows students to work at their own pace, so the completion time for any given degree is completely customizable to each student’s speed of learning.Online learning allows you to test a chosen career path without investing a great deal of time and money. Most associate degrees work well as a base for a higher degree in a different field, should the student choose to change careers. An associate degree also allows a student to increase earnings while pursuing a higher degree in the same field. Many employers also pay a portion of a student’s tuition if they choose to obtain a further degree.Financial assistance for an online associate degree is often easier to find than funding for a higher degree. Loan payments are often deferred while the student takes classes. Repayment begins once the student puts his or her new degree to work at a job and is financially able to repay the loan. Most student loans are federally subsidized and offer reasonable interest rates and flexible repayment schedules. Online degrees qualify for federal grants the same as traditional degrees do.Some students opt to pay out-of-pocket for their degrees. An online associate degree is more affordable than a traditional degree or a higher level of education. Students can complete their degree debt-free.An online degree does not take time away from a student’s family. Students continue with responsibilities and obligations while furthering their education. Higher education provides a student with a sense of accomplishment and professionalism only obtained through a specialized degree. This often changes a student’s entire outlook on life, greatly boosting self-confidence.Obtaining an online associate degree is not right for every person. Many students pursue a higher education solely as a means to earn a higher salary. Graduates of any degree program have a greater earning potential than those with a high school education. Pursuing any form of education requires commitment, self-discipline and a dedication to a chosen career.People who are not committed to completing the program and those already pressed for time in daily schedules should wait to pursue a higher education. An educational program should not be started during a high-stress period in an individual’s life, since pursuing a degree can be stressful in itself. Waiting until life returns to a normal pace increases a student’s chances of performing well academically and retaining more information.Joining an online study group and chatting with fellow students taking the same courses helps relieve the stress of completing an online degree. Web-based courses are inherently less stressful for students since they are less expensive, more flexible and eliminate the need to travel to classes and keep a tight schedule. Students also help hold each other accountable for staying on track with classes and study schedules.Educational success depends on each individual. This responsibility amplifies when a student pursues an online associate degree. Preparing for coursework with realistic expectations and a dedication to excellence is necessary for a student to succeed. A higher education can be a greatly rewarding experience. Excellence in education is possible with proper preparation and perseverance.

How To Make Sure Your Online Degree is Worth the Value?

Online education has made it possible for you to earn your degree online from your comfort home; you no more need to go to a physical university to obtain a degree. An online degree program can easily fit into your busy schedule and you don’t need to travel to attend classes. Many online universities and traditional on-campus universities offer online degree programs, some of these universities are accredited universities and others are not. Your degree will be worth the value if it is from an accredited university; in contrary, it will be valueless if it is issued by diploma mills. How you are going to make sure that your online degree is NOT from a diploma mills?Some of you may think that it is not a big deal as long as you have a related degree to apply for you dream job. You may be right if you are earning your online degree from a diploma mill in the early day, where those scams just start to penetrate into online education field and many employers did not know about them. But, awareness about diploma mills have been increased among employers; majority of employers will treat a degree from university that they have never heard of to be suspicious and will do a re-confirmation about your degree before they decide to hire you. If they found you are holding a “fake” degree which is issued by a diploma mill, you definitely will lose your chance to win the job position.The most common fast-track degrees that can be earned with a minimum education cost are Life Experience degrees. You can gain credit for what you have learned in your job or any past experience; some of these Life Experience degree programs come with zero hour courses; others allow you to complete in a few days. You must treat these especially with extreme caution because many diploma mills are issuing Life Experience degrees. Although there are online degree programs that count in you life experience, the credits from these life experience may just a small part of the total credit hours needed to complete the degree program. The rule of thumb, if it is too easy to get a degree, then it really is not worth the paper it is printed on.In order to protect yourself from any trap of diploma mill and ensure your degree is worth the value, consider of taking a degree program that are:
Required at least two years to complete the degree.
From university that is listed in accreditation database of
Followed degree courses and forget about life experience degrees
Offered by reputable university that has many good or positive feedbacks from online forum, or any discussion board.
If you have suspicious on any of your preference degree program, it’s better to drop it from your list then taking the risk to enroll it. You should be able to find the same online degree program from a prestige and reputable university.In SummaryOnline degree issued by diploma mill is useless, it not just can’t help you in your career, it causes you to waste your money, time and efforts. You want an online degree that have value and is able to help you in your career move, and it can only be ensured by avoiding diploma mill.